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Make your logistics more efficient with Plamoon

Plamoon is a business oriented platform that helps you track and manage assets in real-time more efficiently so your business can reach the stars
Our Focus

There are many good products out there but with one size fits all mentality and we understand some businesses need special attention.

We focus in offering a great flexible product but give you the power to shape it with our help.

Why Plamoon?

Plamoon is flexible and built as a platform to easily grow in functionality according to your business needs.

If you need to reduce operational cost, intelligently integrate and quickly provide tailored solutions to your customer's needs.. request a demo.

Can I use it now?

We leverage from your currently deployed equipment and aggregated software driving all data through Plamoon and centralizing information.

You don't have to change infrastructure to start using Plamoon.

How it works


Connects your assets

You can connect all your tracking equipment to centralize asset tracking.

Plamoon gathers all sorts of telemetry while enhancing it with valuable information to your business logistics operations.

Links your systems

If you have other systems that aggregate information such as purchases, manufacturing and shipping, you can use Plamoon to fetch and present information seamlessly. This enables a more agile and simplified operation.


Lets you stay on top

Use Plamoon to analyze data and stay on top of real-time KPIs showing your operations efficiency.

Create rules and define actions to keep your team alert to changes in behaviors.

How it works
Contact us

Let us know what you need.

We might just have the solution ready for you.

Thanks for contacting us!

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